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The smart way to grow
your dispensing income

Speed and convenience are becoming ever more important for patients. The Pharmaself24 enables you to balance these changing requirements with the help of automation, delivering a better experience for your customers, focusing your resources where they are put to best use, and demonstrating your credentials as a forward-thinking 21st-century pharmacy business.

For your business
  • Free-up staff time and divert resource to more valuable activities, such as providing one-to-one healthcare advice.

  • Enhance the experience through added convenience, helping attract new patients and maintain loyalty among existing patients.

  • Expand your dispensing reach through a hub-and spoke model, providing ‘click and collect’ functionality for internet orders and additional OTC sales.

For your patients
  • Convenient prescription collection at the time of their choosing, even outside of pharmacy opening hours.

  • Instant access to medicines without having to queue and without the risk of a wasted journey.

  • Simple process PIN number is texted to patient who enters it on the PS24 touchscreen. NHS exemptions can be recorded or payments made.

“Since installation 14 months ago, our Pharmaself24 has become an integral part of our business. Installed during the pandemic, it has allowed us to help patients safely collect their medication and has reduced queuing in the pharmacy.

“Our patients continue to give us feedback daily to say how beneficial and convenient they find the machine. It has been easy to use, and all the staff have managed well with adapting to the additional service. We strive to keep our pharmacy at the forefront of this ever-evolving business and this has been a great addition to help us achieve this.”

Larbert Pharmacy

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