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Add 24/7 convenience to
your dispensing practice

One of the many things that patients associate with dispensing GP practices is convenience. Not only are they able to access their GP for a consultation but they can also pick-up their prescription from the same location.

The addition of a Pharmaself24 takes that convenience to new heights, giving patients the ability to collect their medicines 24/7 in a COVID-safe way - and without having to queue.

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For your surgery
  • CUT QUEUES by giving patients the option to self-collect, reducing numbers inside the surgery and avoiding bottlenecks during busy periods.

  • FREE CAPACITY and ease pressure on the dispensary team by delegating responsibility for handing out medicine bags to the Pharmaself24.

  • INCREASE CONVENIENCE with 24/7 medicines collection, offering a viable alternative to internet pharmacy and cutting home delivery costs.

  • PROTECT STAFF and build resilience into your business by enabling medicines to be collected in a socially distanced way.

For your patients
  • CONVENIENT prescription collection at the time of their choosing, even outside of dispensary opening hours.

  • INSTANT ACCESS to medicines without having to queue and without the risk of a wasted journey.

  • EASY TO USE interface that only requires a PIN number, which the patient receives via text message.

  • SOCIALLY DISTANCED method of collecting medicines, avoiding the need to queue inside or wait outdoors.

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Helping your dispensing surgery adapt to COVID-19 and beyond

We understand the challenges that many dispensing GPs are facing during the pandemic. From consultations to medicine collection, social distancing has forced many practices to make significant changes to keep staff and patients safe during this time.

The Pharmaself24 answers many of these challenges since it removes the need for patients to enter the surgery and it means medicines can be collected whenever is convenient for them. In the context of rising demand for more convenient medicines access - and particularly the growth of internet pharmacy - the Pharmaself24 offers a cost-effective solution to help retain your dispensing patients.

Neil Folwell

“It fulfils that need to dispense 24 hours a day without a delivery service. Sometimes I’ll hear patients collecting when I’m in catching up at weekends. It’s a really nice feeling. You’re providing a service even when you’re not there.”

Dr Neil Folwell

Partner, The Medical Centre

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