Make prescription collection pain-free
with Pharmaself24

Convenient for patients, good for business

The Pharmaself24 is the market-leading automated prescription-collection system that lets your patients pick up their medicines whenever it’s most convenient for them – they no longer have to queue or suffer a wasted journey to check their medicines are ready. It’s the simple and secure way to make your dispensing process more efficient while giving your patients unrivalled convenience.


How it works

The Pharmaself24 fits easily into your dispensing workflow, making it simple to use for pharmacy staff. Dispensed bags can be loaded quickly and securely using barcode technology. And patients can collect safely by entering a unique PIN number on the 24-inch colour touchscreen. Watch the short video below to see how the Pharmaself24 works and how it could benefit your pharmacy and your patients.

“We introduced the Pharmaself24 to make it easier and more convenient for our customers to collect their prescriptions, and also to increase customer and prescription numbers. It’s had a very positive impact. Staff and customers love it - it provides the
convenience of 24-hour collection and frees up valuable time.”

Zia Ashraf


Benefits of the Pharmaself24

For your business

Your time is precious. By automating the process of 'handing out' dispensed prescriptions, the
Pharmaself24 frees your staff to spend more time with patients and delivering new services.

For your patients

For busy, working patients or those on repeats, picking up a prescription can be an inconvenience. The Pharmaself24 puts an end to unnecessary waiting by providing 24/7 access to their medicines.

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Designed in Italy
Engineered to perform

The Pharmaself24 is Europe's leading automated prescription collection point. It brings together proven vending technology with Italian design flair to enhance the medicine collection experience. Manufactured in Schio, Italy by Videosystem, the Pharmaself24 is available in the UK through Hub and Spoke Innovations, the official GB distributor.

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Case Studies