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More freedom for patients, More free time for staff.

The Pharmaself24 is the market-leading prescription-collection system that gives your patients the convenience of 24/7 access to their medicines. No more queues or wasted journeys - patients can now pick up their medicines at the time that's most suitable for them.


For pharmacy teams, it's the simple and secure way to bring more efficiency to your dispensing process. It means you can spend less time handing out bags and more time focusing on the tasks that bring real value to patients.

Make prescription collection pain-free with the Pharmaself24. 

How it works

Benefits of the Pharmaself24

For your business

Your time is precious. By automating the process of 'handing out' dispensed prescriptions, the Pharmaself24 frees your staff to spend more time with patients and delivering new services.

For your patients

For busy, working patients or those on repeats, picking up a prescription can be an inconvenience. The Pharmaself24 puts an end to unnecessary waiting by providing 24/7 access to their medicines.



“We introduced the Pharmaself24 to make it easier and more convenient for our customers to collect their prescriptions, and also to increase customer and prescription numbers. It’s had a very positive impact. Staff and customers love it - it provides the convenience of 24-hour collection and frees up valuable time.”

Zia Ashraf


Convenient for patients, good for business

Case study: Well Pharmacy

Well has a clear vision for how technology can support its goal of providing a patient-centric experience that fits with the expectations of today’s consumers.

It has brought this to life at its Poynton and Macclesfield branches, which incorporate automated medicine collection as part of a prescription service based on efficiency and convenience.

Product details

The Pharmaself24 is an automated collection point that allows patients to pick up their medicines from outside the pharmacy, much like a cash machine. Available in two core models - the larger Multi and the smaller Compact - the Pharmaself24 can be customised with a range of modules to fit the exact needs of your pharmacy or dispensing GP environment.




Prescription scanner


Credit card and contactless

Homescreen design

Box configuration

Colour options


Your automation partner

The Pharmaself24 is sold in the UK by Omnicell Ltd. We aim to help pharmacists and dispensing GPs grow their businesses and provide a better service for their patients through technology. We are proud to deliver high-quality, state-of-the-art automation solutions alongside dedicated, personalised customer service.

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