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PMR Integration

While the Pharmaself24 runs perfectly on its own standalone software, we have developed integrations in partnership with a number of market-leading PMR suppliers to provide customers with a truly seamless Pharmaself24 experience.


These purpose-built interfaces embed the Pharmaself24 into your pharmacy workflow. They provide a genuine two-way, closed-loop connection between the PMR and the Pharmaself24 machine so that all operations can be completed on your familiar PMR system.

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The Benefits of Integration
  • Saves time and effort
    Bring even greater efficiency to your dispensing process by fully integrating the Pharmaself24 into your PMR environment, making life even easier for your team.

  • Higher staff engagement
    Pharmacy teams already know and trust the familiar PMR software, meaning they are up-to-speed quickly, with no requirement for additional training.

  • Maintain data integrity
    Information from the Pharmaself24 is automatically recorded in the central PMR database to provide a full audit trail of patient activity.

How PMR Integration works
  1. Items are dispensed using your PMR as usual and flagged for collection via the Pharmaself24.

  2. Your PMR prints a bag label that automatically incorporates an additional Pharmaself24 barcode.

  3. The barcode is scanned as bags are loaded into the Pharmaself24, which communicates seamlessly with your PMR in the background.

  4. Once the bag has been loaded, the Pharmaself24 texts the patient with a unique PIN for that collection.

  5. The time and date of collections and any exemptions are all recorded, providing a electronic audit trail from loading to collection. 

Pharmaself24 Compact vending machine

PMR Compatibility

Pharmaself24 integrations are available for PMR systems from Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, EMIS, Positive Solutions and Titan. Please get in touch for more information.

EMIS Proscript Connect.png
ProScript Connect PMR
Posiutive Solutions Analyst PMR.png
Analyst PMR
Positive Solutions
Titan PMR
Invatech Health
Pharmacy Manager PMR
Cegedim Healthcare Solutions
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