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Hospital patients benefit from tailor-made medicine collection point

Outpatients at Sunderland Royal Hospital have been given secure 24/7 access to their medicines thanks to the installation of a bespoke Pharmaself24 Multi.

Sunderland Royal Hospital CHoICE Pharmacy Pharmaself24
The bespoke Pharmaself24 Multi at Sunderland Royal Hospital

The collection point was specified by CHoICE (City Hospitals Independent Commercial Enterprises Ltd), a wholly-owned subsidiary of South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, which provides a full range of facilities, procurement and outpatient pharmacy services to City Hospitals Sunderland and other organisations.

It aims to provide greater convenience to outpatients while also relieving demand on pharmacy staff.

Importantly, the user interface of this Pharmaself24 has been modified to ensure the pharmacy team gather necessary additional information from patients on specific medicines as part of the collection process.

The bespoke interface was developed by the in-house technical team at Videosystem, the manufacturers of the Pharmaself24.

It is one of many examples where the software or hardware of a standard Pharmaself24 model has been customised by Videosystem's engineers and developers to ensure the machine fits exactly with the needs of a pharmacy customer and their patients.

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