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Numark partnership brings exclusive Pharmaself24 offer to members

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Hub & Spoke Innovations, the official GB distributor for the Pharmaself24 medicines collection point, has joined forces with Numark to support members of the independent network who are looking to improve efficiency and enhance patient convenience.

The partnership means Numark’s 4,600 strong membership can access the Pharmaself24’s market-leading 24/7 prescription collection technology at a special discounted rate. Installed at more than 600 pharmacies across the UK and Netherlands, the Pharmaself24 lets patients pick up their own prescriptions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In busy pharmacy environments, it reduces pressure on staff and saves them time by automating the process of handing out medicine bags. For patients, it is introducing greater levels of convenience and satisfaction, while also helping build loyalty in the face of growing competition from internet pharmacies.

Gary Paragpuri, CEO of Hub & Spoke Innovations, said: “We are delighted to join Numark as the network’s chosen provider of 24/7 medicine collection technology. Numark has established itself on the basis of the high levels of support and value it delivers for members, and these are commitments that we share at Hub & Spoke Innovations. In the past few years, the Pharmaself24 has rapidly established itself on the UK pharmacy landscape, and it is exciting to work with Numark members as they look to invest in their digital futures.”

Jeremy Meader, MD of Numark, said: “Independent contractors continue to face various challenges, and we are continually seeking out innovations that can help Numark members bring greater efficiencies to their business and support their ongoing digital transformation.

"Golden Tote and Hey Pharmacist are two examples of that strategy in action, and with the addition of an exclusive discount on the Pharmaself24, independents have an opportunity to grasp transformational technologies that can optimise their profitability and make a real difference to their patients.”

The Pharmaself24 is available in three models – the Compact, Entry and Multi – with the range designed to make 24/7 collection convenience accessible to all pharmacies, irrespective of their size, shape or scale. Each machine represents a step up in terms of capacity, with the Compact, which occupies less than one square metre of floor space, handling a minimum of 70 bags and the Multi capable of holding 178 at any one time.

Every Pharmaself24 machine runs on its own stand-alone software, but full, two-way PMR integrations are now available for the ProScript Connect PMR from EMIS and Analyst PMR from Positive Solutions. Further integrations are in the pipeline.

If you are a Numark member interested in finding out more about the exclusive Pharmaself24 discount, click here to get in touch via NumarkNet.

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