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Pharmacy Magazine: IT and the changing face of pharmacy practice

Pharmacy Magazine IT in pharmacy practice

There is no question that technology is playing an increasing role in pharmacy today.

In its latest issue, Pharmacy Magazine explored the various ways it is being used to support pharmacy teams by delivering improvements in efficiency while also providing enhanced convenience and a better experience for patients.

The article explores technologies including artifical intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics and automation, with Hub and Spoke providing an overview of the benefits that Pharmaself24 prescription collection points are bringing to pharmacies across the network.

To bring the thinking and theory to life, we developed a case study about a regular pharmacist (cunningly named A. Verage), who owns a typical community pharmacy dispensing around 12,000 items per month in a medium- sized town in England.

While the individual and scenario are entirely fictional, the Pharmaself24 collection data included in the case study is real to provide some insight into usage levels among patients and time savings for the team.

Read the article in full on the Pharmacy Magazine website, and get in touch for more information on how automated collection technology couuld benefit your pharmacy.

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