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Titan joins portfolio of PMR integrations for Pharmaself24

Titan PMR
Image courtesy of Titan/Invatech Health

Titan has become the latest PMR partner for the Pharmaself24 medicines collection point, distributed exclusively in Great Britain by Hub and Spoke Innovations.

The agreement means Pharmaself24 customers running Titan PMR software from Invatech Health will benefit from a bespoke software integration that will provide a seamless two-way link between the systems.

It will enable pharmacy staff to carry out administrative tasks associated with the Pharmaself24 from the familiar environment of their centralised Titan system. It also means patient collection activity is automatically registered within the PMR for secure recordkeeping and analysis.

Gary Paragpuri, CEO of Hub and Spoke Innovations, said: “We are really pleased to add Titan to our portfolio of PMR partners. For our shared customers, the integration software provides a vital link, enabling the Pharmaself24 to be embedded more closely with their existing workflow and bringing even greater benefits to the pharmacy team.”

Tariq Muhammad, CEO of Invatech Health, said: “Our customers are seeking gains in efficiency, productivity and profitability at every turn. Closer integration with the Pharmaself24’s market-leading collection technology is another example of how we are employing technology to help them achieve those goals and helping optimise their operations for a digital future.”

Built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform and incorporating the use of artificial intelligence (AI), Titan aims to accelerate pharmacy processes through a paperless workflow system. The software integration being developed by Titan will relay patient data between the PMR and Pharmaself24, ensuring there is a closed loop audit of activity between dispensing, loading and collection.

While the Pharmaself24 can run on standalone software alongside a PMR system, integrations such as those with the Titan system, avoids duplication of effort and ensures data is automatically recorded in a central system.

Further to the partnership with Titan, integrations are also available for contractors running ProScript Connect PMR from EMIS, Analyst PMR from Positive Solutions, and Pharmacy Manager from Cegedim.

For further information on PMR integrations, contact us using the form below.

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