Features and specification

The Pharmaself24 is an automated collection point that allows patients to pick up their medicines from outside the pharmacy, much like a cash machine. Available in two core models - the larger Multi and the smaller Compact - the Pharmaself24 can be customised with a range of modules to fit the exact needs of your pharmacy or dispensing GP environment.


Featuring simple barcode technology for fast loading, an encrypted database, sensors to detect left-behind bags and automated usage reports, the Pharmaself24 fits seamlessly into your workflow. Installation is hassle-free, requiring just a power supply and an internet connection, and we provide direct support to ensure you get up-and-running with automated prescription collection as quickly as possible. 

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The PS24 Multi

Providing storage capacity for up to 180 items, the Multi is designed for pharmacies dispensing 6,000 items a month or more. Based on a highly configurable modular design, the Multi can be built to your particular specification and is easy to maintain and service.

The PS24 Compact

Providing all the benefits of automated medicine collection in a smaller form factor, the Compact is perfect for pharmacies where space is at a premium. It is the ideal choice for those dispensing up to 6,000 items per month who are looking to bring greater convenience for patients and enhance efficiency.

Pharmaself24 Compact vending machine

Customisation options

Fast-loading option


Credit Card and Contactless

Credit card and contactless

Box configuration

Prescription Scanner

Prescription scanner

Homescreen design

Colour Options

Colour options

Technical specification

Pharmaself24 Multi
Pharmaself24 Compact

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