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Easy to install,

simple to operate

The Pharmaself24 is designed to integrate effortlessly into your dispensing workflow. Watch this short explainer video to see how simple it is for your pharmacy teams to load dispensed prescriptions and for your patients to collect when it's most convenient for them.

“It’s really made such a difference to our day-to-day working life – it’s changing everything about how my staff operate. They’re now talking to the public and doing really added-value things. We’re not wasting time on a fairly laborious task.”

Bernadette Colford

Owner, Cadham Pharmacy

Any questions?

We've got you covered. Read our essential overview for answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Pharmaself24 and automated medicine collection, covering everything from planning permission to patient recruitment.

Watch and learn

These three short videos show how easy it is to load a bag into the Pharmaself24, the simple collection process for patients, and the fast loading option for high-volume pharmacies.

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