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Pharmaself24 customers share COVID-19 experiences with pharmacy trade magazines

Right Medicine Pharmacy and The Health Dispensary, two long-standing Pharmaself24 customers, have shared details of how automation has helped them manage during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the latest issue of Scottish Pharmacy Review, Richard Stephenson, Chief Operating Officer of Right Medicine Pharmacy, explains how the demands of social distancing have shone a spotlight on the benefits of being able to pick-up medicine on a 24/7 basis using the Pharmaself24 collection point at the group's Wynchburgh pharmacy near Edinburgh.

“With coronavirus, it’s certainly brought out the huge positives of the Pharmaself24 – what it brings to the pharmacy and the local community,” said Richard.

He added that positive patient interactions with the Pharmaself24 have helped attract new prescription business from the extended local area while continuing to build momentum among Winchburgh’s busy commuters, drawn by the convenience of collecting their medicines outside of office hours.

Read the full article in the free digital edition of Scottish Pharmacy Review.

Separately, Ali Sparkes of The Health Dispensary told Welsh Pharmacy Review how the Pharmaself24 at her branch in Neath became a real focal point, particularly during the intense times of lockdown earlier in the year.

Ali explains how, motivated by a desire to serve the local community, she reconfigured The Health Dispensary’s offering to best support patients while also keeping staff motivated and well.

Queues were greatly reduced as a result, and even those previously reticent to use the Pharmaself24 were converted by the benefits of remote, 24/7 collection.

It is vindication of her initial assessment that the Pharmaself24 was a "no brainer". She says: "As an independent, I felt it would enable us to offer the added convenience of longer hours. It’s like having an extra team member, and when you lock the door at night, you still feel like you’re providing a service.”

Read more about Ali's story in the free digital edition of Welsh Pharmacy Review.

For more information on how the Pharmaself24 can support social distancing and help your pharmacy manage during the COVID-19 pandemic, get in touch using the form below.

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