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Rowlands Pharmacy joins the Pharmaself24 family

Patients at Rowlands Pharmacy are now able to collect their prescriptions on a 24/7 basis following the multiple's decision to install Pharmaself24 machines from Hub & Spoke Innovations.

The Pharmaself24s are now up and running at Rowlands Pharmacy in Stoke Road, Gosport in Hampshire and also at Rowlands Pharmacy in West Paddock, Leyland in Lancashire (pictured above).

In parallel with the installation of the Pharmaself24s, Rowlands Pharmacy has separately launched a humorous social media campaign to underline its efforts to make patients' lives easier with regard to prescription collection.

The campaign highlights the fact that while it may not be able to solve all its patients' problems, Rowlands can make collecting a prescription "easier than ever", sending them a text when their medicine is ready to avoid unnecessary trips or wasted time spent waiting.

At Hub & Spoke Innovations, we are proud to be able to help Rowlands Pharmacy patients in this way, and we are thrilled to have the multiple join our growing family of Pharmaself24 customers.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Pharmaself24 - how it can benefit your patients, your team and your business - then please get in touch via the form below.

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